3-Step Untreated Wood & Concrete Odor Removal Process

Our expertise has been developed through working with thousands of pet owners nationwide in resolving their pet urine odor problems. A classic example is our exclusive 3-step process to treat and seal-in pet urine odors on unfinished floors, a problem that’s plagued countless pet owners.

The capillary action of wood and concrete wick urea and bacteria below the treatable surface area of unfinished wood and concrete floors. Typical sealers and primers fail to prevent urine odors from leaching out. Even Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover isn't sufficient for permanent odor remediation of these surfaces. When treated as directed, our exclusive process will permanently prevent urine odor from leaching back through flooring, even in the most severe cases.

Step 1 - Odor Remover Application (Organic Bioremediation of Surface Area) Rubber gloves and eye glasses are recommended for this treatment step to prevent irritation  


Make sure to shake or stir Nature's Secret Weapon odor concentrate well to distribute microbes settled at the bottom of bottles which have a yellow to white appearance (our solution contains over 3 billion microbes per gallon). Prepare enough odor removal solution mixture to thoroughly wet the entire floor surface with a mop by applying a 1:3 ratio solution mixture (1 part Nature’s Secret Weapon to 3 parts warm water). For example, 1 gallon of concentrate will yield 4 gallons of solution. Immediately cover treated flooring with plastic sheeting to prevent evaporation. The live microbes need to be kept moist for a period of 12-24 hours for effective organic bioremediation.

Step 2 - Sanitizing Floors (Bactericide, Mildewcide, Fungicide Treatment)

After a 12- 24 hr treatment period, remove plastic and mop floor with a common household bleach and water solution strong enough to kill mold, mildew and bacteria. Follow bleach manufacturer's application and safety recommendations.

The bleach solution should be applied directly on top of the previously applied odor remover solution. Leave bleach solution on floor for 30 minutes, then thoroughly mop with clean water to remove bleach. Allow floor to dry completely. Floor fans are recommended to hasten drying time.

Step 3 - Sealing Floors (Permanent Vapor Barrier)

When floor is dry, permanently seal with Sherwin Williams® "White Pigmented Shellac Primer"     Part #B49W8050. Follow manufacturer's application and safety recommendations.

Replacing Carpeting

When replacing carpeting for pet areas, we recommend purchasing carpet and padding with a moisture barrier component built into them, if available.

* Prior to treatment, we advise consulting with your flooring manufacturer(s) to assure your flooring is approved for exposure to water and bleach.

* Disclaimer - We only recommend Nature's Secret Weapon odor remover for use on water-safe materials. Always test a small inconspicuous area prior to treatment.


Nature’s Secret Weapon odor remover is only approved for use on “water safe” materials and surfaces. In no event shall Natural Brands, LLC (DBA) Nature's Secret Weapon, (DBA) CatUrineExperts.com, (DBA) DogUrineExperts.com, be held liable to any party for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages for any use or misuse of the aforementioned  "3-Step Untreated Wood & Concrete Odor Removal Process", including, without limitation, any damage to persons or property, through direct or indirect use of the materials and processes described in said process. Liability for use of Nature's Secret Weapon products are limited to replacement or refund of product(s) purchased from our company. 

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