How To Use Our Professional LED UV Black Light Pet Stain Detector

Black Light Pet Stain Detector Instructions

Nature's Secret Weapon is one of the largest online retailers of pet stain lights. We literally sell thousands of our pet stain lights every year to pet owners across America. 

Our UV LED black lights need to be used in the dark to be effective.You will be able to see stains by holding our UV LED black light pet urine detector while standing up. No more crawling on the floor to see stains!

You can use a small amount of masking tape or another marker when finding urine stains with a UV LED black light so you can tell where stains are located for treatment with Nature's Secret Weapon odor remover in daylight conditions.

Cat and dog urine stains will appear as a dull yellow to yellow-green color.
Our small but powerful UV LED black lights, unlike others, are specially designed for pet stain detection. They are manufactured exclusively for us under our own high quality specifications.

Use caution when operating an LED black light pet stain detector. Never point directly in your eyes or into reflective surfaces such as mirrors. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN! UV LED black light pet stain detectors are NOT TOYS.

Limitation of Liability
In no event shall Natural Brands, LLC, (DBA) Nature's Secret Weapon, (DBA) Nature's Secret Weapon, be held liable to any party for any use or misuse of these flashlights, including, without limitation, any damage to persons or property, through direct or indirect use.

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