How to Remove Cat & Dog Urine from Carpeting

Removing Cat & Dog Urine from Carpeting

Our staff at Nature's Secret Weapon are national experts in pet urine remediation as well as pet owners. As pet owners, we understand how difficult urine odors in carpeting is to remove.

Our products and treatment solutions for carpeting have taken years to develop. Painstaking research coupled by working with thousands of customers have resulted in the information shared below.

The Nature of Carpeting
Even using hospital grade disinfectants, it's nearly impossible to kill all the bacteria trapped in carpeting. This is due the composition and way carpeting is made.

Attacking the Problem
It's now wonder that urine odor removal is not easy to remove from carpeting. Although removal of all bacteria is not possible, the key is to bio-remediate enough odor causing material to eliminate urine odor. That's exactly what Nature's Secret Weapon odor remover does through organic bio-remediation using 5 high quality strains of natural microbes.

Our highly specialized microbes don't travel to an odor source. To be effective they must be applied directly to wherever urine has flowed and come in contact with the bacteria for several hours.

Another important point is that our microbes also need to be kept moist or wet during the treatment period.

The path of pet urine, depending on the volume, travels from the carpet fibers, to the pad and eventually to the flooring underlayment. Nature's Secret Weapon odor remover solution must be applied to the same areas in order for our microbes to do their job.

How to Apply Spot Treatments

If the stain is fresh, blot up as much liquid as possible using paper towels.

We recommend using a 1:2 (1 part Ultra Concentrate to 2 parts water) solution for spot treating carpeting. Only mix the amount of solution you need for each application as our Ultra Concentrate has a 2 year shelf life.

Using any clean household spray bottle, spray the soiled area with a course spray pattern to completely soak through the carpeting to the pad. Then, using a fan spray pattern, wet the soiled areas of carpet fibers until completely wet.

Cover treated area with plastic (food trash bags work great) to keep wet and leave covered for 4-12 hours. Remove plastic after treatment period and dry carpet with a floor fan to prevent mold and mildew. A shop vac if accessible can be used to remove liquid from larger stain areas.

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