New! Clean and Freshen Your Carpeting

New! Carpet Cleaning "Fresh Scent"

You'll love our new all natural "fresh scent" that we've added to our latest odor formula!

Spot treat all stains 1 day prior to general carpeting cleaning with a 1:2 (1 part Ultra Concentrate to 2 parts water) solution mixture.

Using Your Carpet Machine
When using your own carpet cleaning machine, simply pre-mix a solution in a 1:4 - 1:9 ratio (1 part Ultra Concentrate to 4-9 parts water. The more Ultra Concentrate in the mixture the stronger the fresh scent and higher concentration of odor destroying microbes. Just mix the solution in a container (plastic milk containers work great) and pour into your carpet cleaning machine. When done, we recommend you run some hot water through your machine to clean it our.

Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner
When professionally steam cleaning your carpeting, just give your carpet cleaner our Ultra Concentrate and let them know they need to use 1 part Ultra Concentrate to 4-9 parts water. A 1:9 solution mixture works fine to freshen non-stained carpets.

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