An Amazing Natural Carpet Cleaner & Deodorizer! - Nature's Secret Weapon

Did you know that Nature’s Secret Weapon works wonders to clean and deodorize your carpets?

Carpet Pre-Treatment

Spot-treat your pet stains 1 day prior to treatment with a 1:3 (1 part Nature’s Secret Weapon, 3 parts warm water).

Nature’s Secret Weapon – Carpet Cleaning Machine Instructions

We recommend you first go over your carpet with a carpet cleaning machine using plain water to slightly moisten your carpeting first. Then we recommend mixing a test solution in something like a plastic milk jug. Start with a 1:4 solution (1 part Nature’s Secret Weapon and 4 parts hot water). Our product contains a surfactant (detergent) that foams if not mixed with enough water. If foaming occurs, simply keep adding more hot water to solution until foaming stops.

Special Caution! Potential Eye/Lung Irritant

Nature’s Secret Weapon is formulated for a wide range of applications using solutions up to a 1:9 (1 part Nature’s Secret Weapon mixed with 9 parts warm water). More concentrated solutions (for example a 1:4 carpet cleaning solution), when applied to large treatment areas, may require additional ventilation because of a higher concentration of natural fragrance. People sensitive to strong odors may need to leave treatment area for 24 hours, airing treatment area before and after returning.  

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