How do I remove pet urine odors from carpets?

How Do I Remove Pet Urine Odor From Carpets?

Nature's Secret Weapon
is amazingly effective in removing cat urine odors, dog urine odors and every kind of pet urine odor from carpets and even down through carpet padding. All urine odors are instantly and permanently eliminated using our powerful 3-step odor elimination process.

Special Note - Urine that has penetrated through unfinished concrete or wood floors requires a special treatment process. The capillary action of these floors draw urea and ammonia from urine below their treatable surface areas.

If you have a highly urine soiled carpet over an unfinished concrete or wood floor, please call one of our Odor Experts at 517-579-9557 to discuss your specific treatment options.

We strongly advise that you do not paint over your flooring since urine odors are not stopped by normal paint barriers.

Urine Detection Lights
We highly recommend the use of our professional quality UV lights to mark urine odor sources in the dark before you beginning the treatment process. Masking tape may be used to outline stain areas which saves time and reduces product waste.

Spot Treating
Make sure to use enough solution to penetrate into the carpet padding where pets have urinated. Spot treat problem area with a 1:3 solution mixture (1 part Nature's Secret Weapon Ultra Concentrate with 3 parts warm water).

Cover spot treated areas with Saran™ wrap or a cloth moistened with solution. This helps retain moisture which aids in complete odor removal. Leave covered at least 8-12 hours. Organic Bioremediation will continue for up to 24  hours.

Note - Carpet fibers readily retain odor causing bacteria and a second treatment is often necessary.

Large Area Treatment
When treating large carpeted areas, you may use plain water to moisten the carpet prior to treatment.  The principle to remember is that carpeting should be kept slightly moist for a minimum of 8-12 hours after treatment for complete Organic Bioremediation (permanent odor removal).

Spot treat main problem areas using above instructions for spot treatment. Spray remaining carpet surface with Nature's Secret Weapon solution. Solution mix ratio (Ultra Concentrate to water ratio) will depend on the strength of the odor being treated. Repeat as necessary to keep surface of carpet moist overnight or for 8-12 hours.  A new or disinfected garden type pump sprayer is recommended for treating large areas.

Disinfecting sprayer: Put 1 tablespoon beach with 1 gallon of cold water into sprayer. Shake well. Make sure to clean hose by discharging some bleach water. Let sprayer set for 20 minutes. Rinse several times with hot water.

Steam Cleaning
Nature's Secret Weapon Ultra Concentrate can be used when steam cleaning problem areas. Treat water tank with 1 part Ultra Concentrate to 9 parts warm water mixture.  Steam cleaning with Nature's Secret Weapon distributes odor destroying microbes deep withing carpet fibers. Steam cleaning should be done a couple of days after spot treating stain areas with 1 part Ultra Concentrate to 3 parts warm water. Steam cleaning before spot treating with Nature's Secret Weapon will increase bad odor bacterial growth rates and spread bacteria to a wider area.

Carpet Drying 
After treatment (12 hours), it's a good idea to place a floor fan over the wet area to aid in drying. Excess moisture in carpeting or carpet padding can cause mildew & mold.

Thanks to Nature's Secret Weapon, you no longer have to live with unpleasant urine odors in your carpet!

* Saran is a trademark of S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

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