How do I remove pet urine odors from hard surface floors?

Instructions for Removing Urine Odors From Water-Safe Concrete, Wood and Vinyl Floors.

Disclaimer: Nature's Secret Weapon is not responsible for damage made to flooring that is not water-safe. If in question, check with the manufacturer of your flooring.

* Special Note - Urine that has penetrated through unfinished concrete or wood floors requires a special treatment process. The capillary action of concrete often draws urea, bacteria and ammonia urine below their treatable surface areas.

If you have a urine soaked unfinished concrete or wood floor, please call one of our Odor Experts at 517-579-9557 to discuss your specific treatment options.

We strongly advise that you do not paint over a concrete floor since urine odors are not stopped by normal primers or paint barriers.

Urine Detection Lights
We highly recommend the use of our professional quality UV LED black lights to mark urine odor sources in the dark before you beginning the treatment process. Masking tape may be used to outline stain areas which saves time and reduces product waste.

For cat urine odor, dog urine odor, and all other pet urine odors, first remove as much urine from the flooring as possible. Thoroughly wet the urine area with Nature's Secret Weapon. Repeat for stubborn odors.

Tips for Treating Pet Odors on Water-Safe Hardwood Floors
We have received many calls from pet owners who have odor problems with their tongue & groove hardwood floors. Liquids such as cat urine and dog urine penetrate deep into the cracks of tongue & groove flooring. Even the best surface removal of odors will often fail to remove odors trapped deep within the cracks of floor planks.

To reach deep flooring cracks, apply Nature's Secret Weapon in a 1:2 (1 part Ultra Concentrate to 2 parts water) to a 1:4 solution mixture, directly over the cracks in the flooring using the edge of a sponge. Dipping out of a bucket or container will make the job easier for larger applications. Thoroughly rinse sponge after use and do not use on food preparation surfaces. Waterproof gloves should be used to prevent direct contact with skin. Long term exposure to pet urine may require a second treatment application. If the flooring is visible from a basement, use a flashlight to inspect for urine spots that may have leaked through the flooring. If found, spots may be treated with the same solution as on the surface. Wear goggles to prevent spray exposure to eyes when spraying overhead or use a sponge applicator.

Treating Large Surface Areas
For large areas such as basements and large rooms, use a new or disinfected garden type sprayer to broadcast spray the surface. Repeat and spray to keep surface moist overnight or 8-12 hours if possible. A thin plastic drop cloth may be used to keep the surface moist during the treatment period.

To disinfect sprayer: Put 1 tablespoon beach with 1 gallon of cold water into sprayer. Fill with water and shake. Make sure to clean hose by discharging some bleach water. Let sprayer set for 20 minutes. Rinse throughly with hot water. Let air dry.

Spot treatments (problem areas)
Apply Nature's Secret Weapon in a 1:2 (1 part concentrate to 2 parts water) solution.

Maintenance (general odor control)
Nature's Secret Weapon may be diluted up to a 1:9 mixture (1 part concentrate to 9 parts water) solution. 

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