How do I remove urine and waste odors in dirt or grass outdoors?

Nature's Secret Weapon is The #1 Brand in Odor Control trusted by dog owners, veterinarians and boarding facilities nationwide.

*Note -If you are having guests over apply Nature's Secret Weapon right before they show up for instant odor relief and a "fresh scent" fragrance that lasts for hours. 

Instructions to remove urine & waste odors in dirt or grass outdoors
First remove as much waste from the grass and soil as possible. Frequent pet urination requires frequent bio-remediation with our odor remover.

Spot treatments (problem areas)
Apply Nature's Secret Weapon in a 1:2 (1 part concentrate to 2 parts water) up to a 1:4 solution depending on strength of odor being treated. Repeat for stubborn odors.

General Application & Maintenance
Apply Nature's Secret Weapon in a 1:4 (1 part concentrate to 4 parts water)  up to a 1:9 solution depending on strength of odor being treated. For large areas, apply with a garden type sprayer ideally dedicated for use with Nature's Secret Weapon. Create a fan spray to broadcast grass or soil until moistened. Use up to 1/2 gallon of finished solution for every 100 square feet of grass or soil for dog urine or cat urine odor removal. Bare soil areas will generally require more solution than grass areas.

Moisture Retention
It's very beneficial to keep the soil or grass slightly moist for 8-12 hours after treatment. As soil or grass starts to dry it can be re-moistened by spraying with a fine mist of plain water on the treated surface for up to a 12 hour period. This is especially true in dry arid conditions.

A plastic drop cloth or tarp may be used to cover the treated area. Treating outdoor areas just before dark will also help with moisture retention. The goal is to keep the treated area moist for the entire treatment period to aid in Organic Bio-remediation (permanent odor elimination).

Do not apply outdoors within 12 hours of rain.

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