How do I determine the right mix ratio (strength) to use?

Mix Ratios
Nature's Secret Weapon is packaged as a concentrate that can be custom blended for various applications. The concentration required for effective odor control is dependent on the type and strength of odor being treated. A practical approach is to mix a small amount of spray solution starting with a mix ratio of 1:9 (1 part Ultra Concentrate to 9 parts water). If that's not strong enough, you can increase the spray solution ratio to as strong as 1:2. Using a 1:1 or straight Ultra Concentrate is not recommended. For extremely strong odors such as skunks, you may even use Nature's Secret Weapon Ultra Concentration straight out of the bottle.

Some of our customers use 2 different spray bottle solutions of Nature's Secret Weapon. In one sprayer they keep a 1:2 concentrated solution mix for spot treatments and the other a 1:9 concentration for maintenance. This creative approach really works well for a family on the go.

When pet owners don't have time to clean up a recent accident, they grab the 1:2 solution and spray the area on the way out the door. Upon their return the odor is gone or greatly reduced. Once the odor source has been removed, a final treatment achieves permanent odor elimination.

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