Will Nature's Secret Weapon remove skunk odors?

The Ultimate Odor Test!

Would you consider it amazing if you could “instantly” eliminate a skunk’s odor? That’s exactly what we did at our Olfactory Research Center. In the final testing phase of Nature’s Secret Weapon™ we obtained a poor deceased skunk (Pepe') whose scent gland had been ruptured by a car on the road.

Pepe' had unknowingly donated his body to science. Our lab technicians thoroughly sprayed Pepe' with Nature’s Secret WeaponUltra Concentrate. They were amazed to find that his overpowering odor instantly disappeared. Today customers use Nature’s Secret Weapon™ routinely for all type of skunk and natural odor problems. (read our customer reviews)

Skunk Odor Removal Instructions
Spot treat affected areas with a 1:2 mixture (1 part Ultra Concentrate with 2 parts water). Straight Ultra Concentrate solution may be needed in some cases. Spray to keep treated areas moist overnight or 4-8 hours if possible.

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