How to Treat Hard Surface Floors

Treating Hard Surfaces Floors

Treating urine stains on hard surfaces couldn't be easier! First remove as much urine as possible with a paper towel. Then using a 1:2 (1 part Nature's Secret Weapon to 2 parts water) just spray an ample amount of solution on the stain and wipe dry. If an odor persists, re-treat and cover the treated ares with plastic (a grocery bag works great) allowing the solution to remain wet on the floor for 4-8 hours). You'll just love our "all natural" fresh scent fragrance. Say good-bye to terrible urine smell forever!

Behavioral problems with some pets result in a constant build up of cat urine & dog urine in one area. This situation requires daily cleanup and application of Nature's Secret Weapon. Over time, when urine dries over the same area, urea crystal form that can become difficult to treat and remove.

When  urea crystals appear, it's a good idea to take a short break from using Nature's Secret Weapon and remove the urea crystals. In addition, bleaching the area will kill stubborn odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew. Rinse area well with hot water and wait 24 hours before resuming treating as necessary with Nature's Secret Weapon. Be aware that bleach can damage certain surfaces. Wear chemical resistant gloves and eye protection while following your flooring manufacturer's instructions and safety precautions when using bleach.

Nature's Secret Weapon and it's parent company, Natural Brands, LLC provide the above information for reference only and is not responsible for damages or injury resulting from persons using the information given.

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