How can I get the best odor control from your product?

Tips for Getting Great Results!

You can custom blend Nature's Secret Weapons mix ratio (Ultra Concentrate to water) to match the strength of the odor you're eliminating. 1:2 is the strongest mix ratio and 1:9 is the weakest.

The first number represents the Ultra Concentrate and the second number represents the water you add to it. Thus a 1:5 mix ratio is made my mixing 1 part Ultra Concentrate with 5 parts water.

Note - Use of a 1:1 solution or straight Ultra Concentrate is not recommended.  

Remember: To increase the odor elimination power of your solution you just increase the amount of Ultra Concentrate in your mixture. It's that simple.

How To Custom Formulate Your Spray Solution
We've created a way for you to make a spray solution that's customized for the odor your treating.  Just rate the odor on a scale from 1-9 with 1 being the strongest odor and 9 the least.

Use this number as the second number in the ratio. An example would be skunk odor which would rank 1 (worst) = 1:1 mix ratio and say hamster odor which might rank 9 (least) = 1:9 mix ratio. If you think an odor ranks in the middle (5) then the mix ratio would be a 1:5 ratio (1part Ultra Concentrate to 5 parts water).

Skunk odor for example may require a 1:2 ratio (1 part Ultra Concentrate to 2 parts water). In this extreme case, Ultra Concentrate may even be used without dilution. Effective solution ratios for other odor problems such as dog urine or cat urine odor can vary from 1:2 to 1:9 concentrations.

If your test mix ratio isn't strong enough, just increase it until you find the strength that works. Let's say you're treating cat urine odor and you started with a 1:9 mix ratio but it didn't work well enough. You simply increase the amount of Ultra Concentrate until you get the results you need. In this case you may want to try a 1:5 mix ratio.

If you've already mixed up a solution in a spray bottle and it's not strong enough, simply add more Ultra Concentrate to it until you get optimum results.

Other Tips
Permanent odor removal (Organic Bioremediation), is enhanced by keeping the surface of the treated area slightly moist for 8-12 hours and ideally up to 24 hours. This can be accomplished by re-applying the treatment area with another spray solution application or by covering treated surfaces with a plastic drop cloth or tarp. A light weight plastic film sheeting will work fine. Plastic food wrap or a moistened cloth works well for small spot treated areas.

To avoid evaporation from the sun, outdoor applications are best applied in the evening and at least 12 hours before rain. When applying solution to bare ground, grass or concrete, a fine broadcast spray of plain water may be applied to the surface area if it appears to be drying. This secondary water application will assist in keeping the treated area moist during the treatment period and can be applied as often as needed.

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