What's Special About Your Urine Detection Light?

All Pet Stain Detection Lights Are Not Created Equal

Finding pet stains is the first step in eliminating cat & dog urine odor. The typical fluorescent style UV lights sold for pet stain detection today, are simply too weak to adequately illuminate many cat & dog urine stains. In our own testing, even on our knees, we could barely see many pet stains.

Because better UV lights were needed, we did the research and now offer a professional quality high output LED UV light at a price anyone can afford. This is the type used by CSI crime units. With our light, you’ll no longer be left in the dark about where your pet stains are!

By accurately pinpointing cat & dog urine stains, our light saves you time and avoids wasting valuable product.

Keep Out Of The Reach From Children
Our UV LED lights are not toys. They are much stronger than the common fluorescent style UV lights you may be familiar with. Direct or indirect reflection into the eyes from highly reflective surfaces such as a mirror can cause eye damage. They are very safe and highly effective when used as directed.

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