How to remove urine odor from furniture, mattresses & carpet padding

How to treat deeply soaked urine areas

* Always test an inconspicuous area for color fastness before treating any material.

Every gallon of Natures's Secret Weapon instant odor remover contains billions of microbes specifically chosen for urine odor removal. These friendly microbes do not travel and must come in direct contact with the urea and ammonia in urine to be converted into carbon dioxide (organic bio-remediation).

When cat or dog urine has soaked into padding, such as bed, furniture or carpet padding, it's critical that Nature's Secret Weapon instant odor remover penetrates to all levels of the padding to come in contact with the urine source. The best way to accomplish this, is to inject Nature's Secret Weapon Ultra Concentrate with a large size syringe, like ones used for animals. These are readily available at animal supply stores or from your veterinarian.

Simply mix Nature's Secret Weapon Ultra Concentrate into a 1:2 mixture, 1 part Ultra Concentrate with 2 parts water. Inject with syringe and direct to all urine soaked areas. Cover with plastic or moistened cloth and let stand for up to 24 hours. Repeat process if necessary.

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