How to get out cat urine?

How to get out cat urine?

Our 3-Step Odor Elimination Process

I.  Identify Odor Source - High Output Urine Detection Light
Finding cat stains is the first step to get out cat urine from any surface. The typical fluorescent style UV lights sold today are simply too weak to adequately illuminate many cat stains.
In our own testing, even on our knees, we could barely see many pet stains. Because better UV lights were needed, we did the research and now offer a professional quality high output LED UV light at a price anyone can afford. With our light, you'll no longer be left in the dark on how to get out cat urine! You can find our lights in our Pet Stain Detectors and Special Value Kits categories.

II.  Terminate Odor - Nature's Secret Weapon Instant Odor Eliminator
Once an odor source has been pinpointed, the next step is to permanently eliminate it. As most pet owners know, that's not an easy proposition, especially with cat & dog urine. Nature's Secret Weapon arms pet owners with the most advanced urine odor remover you can buy today. Our Instant Odor Remover uses a patent pending 2-stage process to instantly and permanently eliminate can & dog urine odors.
Get out cat urine the easy way! You can find our Instant Odor Eliminator in our Odor Removal Products and Special Value Kits categories.

III.  Deter Pets From Unwanted Areas - StayAway Cat & Dog Deterrent
After removing an odor, it's important to break a pet's habit of returning to the "scene of the crime." StayAway is the best cat & dog deterrent we've ever tested. Break your pet of bad habits and protect your furniture, carpeting, drapes, counters and more with StayAway.
You can find StayAway cat & dog deterrents in our Pet Behavior/Training and Special Value Kits categories.

Pet Health Advisory
Your pet's health & safety is our #1 concern. If your cat or dog has developed bathroom problems, please consult with your veterinarian to make sure your pet doesn't have a serious health issue.

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